Euro Crisis Dashboard

I have created a spreadsheet that looks at the period of 1980 to 2015 (includes forecasts) for a multitude of datasets.

This displays geographically the current level of international bank debt that countries in the current Euro crisis have accrued. Five countries can be selected at once (I have limited the selectable countries to European countries that are in the Bank of International Settlements data) and two data variables can be selected from a multitude of datasets across economic and political variables.

Graph 1. Eurozone Map
This displays selected countries (up to five) and where there international debts lie within Europe. In the dashboard on the right the countries can be selected. There are arrows that show where debt is owed to; the level of debt to display by arrows can be altered in the dashboard. The dashboard also allows amounts of individual debts to be attached to the arrows. Also it is possible to toggle a bubble graph showing the size of total debt.

Graph 2. Time Series Graph
The upper graph displays the data selected (data 1 and data 2) for the time series of 1980 to 2015 and includes some forecasts (primarily from the IMF data). The Data 1 line is solid and Data 2 line is dashed with the labelled axis to the right. Data that is selected can be display as sourced, as a year on year %, as indexed to 100 for a particular year or not shown at all. Labels for the countries can be toggled on and off.

Graph 3. Cross Sectional Graph
The lower graph displays Data 1 on the Y-axis and Data 2 on the X-axis for all countries for the selected year (this doubles as the index year). It is possible to turn on the 'trails' for data before the selected year (solid line) and 'trails' after the selected year (dashed line).

Files for Download
This file was designed in Microsoft Excel 2007 as an *.xlsb file. Many people have trouble opening it as security settings are usually too tight for this. The *.xls version which is compatible for Microsoft 2003 is the same file except 3 times as large. There are differences in the colouring as 2003 uses a different palette and also there are changes to the width and arrows head on graphs (??). Thank very much to Macro Data Guide and the Quality of Governance Institute for the data they make available

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